Top 7 Signs Your Pet Needs a Grooming Session

Pet grooming session

Pet grooming is about keeping your pet comfortable and healthy, not just about fluffing fur. Pets gain from regular grooming appointments that go beyond looks, just like you do. Frequent grooming session makes your pet happy and healthy, detects possible health issues early on, and maintains skin health to minimize discomfort. However, how would you decide if your pet requires a grooming appointment? Relax, we are here to help you as the top pet salon in Dubai


The most effective signs indicating it’s time to make an appointment at The Groomer Pet Salon & Spa are listed below.

Key Signs Your Pet is Due for Grooming


Here are the warning signs that can be spotted to know when it’s time to take your pet for grooming session.

Your Pet Smells Bad

A smelly coat is often a clear indicator that your pet could use a grooming appointment. Your pet can develop an odor due to various reasons. This could be an accumulation of dust and outdoor debris that is causing a foul odor on your pet’s coat. Even, pets produce oils that can build over time, leading to a noticeable smell. Skin infections like bacterial infections can also contribute to bad odor.


It’s time to give your pet a light shampoo bath if you find that their coat smells. Your pet’s coat can be kept clean, healthy, and smelling wonderful with regular services at the best pet salon in Dubai. 

Tangled or Matted Fur

Matted fur is particularly common in long-haired breeds but can affect any pet with fur. These clumps or knots usually form behind the ears, under the collar, in the armpits or around the hindquarters. Tangled fur causes a great deal of discomfort and pain to your furry friends since it pulls on the skin. 


To add more, matted fur can carry parasites which can lead to severe skin infections and health problems for your pet. Once mats form, they are not so easy to remove, thus it is wise to get professional help promptly.

Overgrown Nails

Since they do not wear their toenails down, indoor pets need to get them trimmed on a regular basis. Overgrown nails can cause annoyance and health problems for your beloved companion. Your pet’s gait can be impaired by overgrown nails, which may potentially lead to joint issues. 


Long nails can curl and grow into the paw pads, causing severe pain. In extreme cases, these overgrown nails can affect the alignment of leg bones, leading to skeletal issues. Thus, regular trimming is essential for your pet’s comfort and health. If you are not sure what to do, visit The Groomer Pet Salon & Spa. 

Excessive Fur Shedding

While most pets shed at times, excessive shedding could indicate a problem. Do you know of any other possible explanation for this extensive shedding than seasonal changes? Here the some of these causes:

Skin Conditions

Conditions like allergies, infections or dermatitis can cause excessive shedding. So watch for crusting, redness and irritation.


The skin can become infected with fleas, ticks and mites that cause scratching and resultant hair loss.

Imbalanced Diet

Insufficient nourishment in a bad diet can cause problems with the skin and coat. For healthy fur, your companion typically requires omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Health Issues

Underlying health problems such as kidney or liver disease can affect coat health and lead to increased shedding. 


Since this excessive shedding can sometimes indicate health issues, get professional help if your pet sheds everywhere.

Visible Signs of Ear Infection 

Visible signs of an ear infection in pets include redness and swelling inside the ear, and a yellow, brown or bloody discharge. A foul smell from the ear, frequent scratching and headshaking are common indicators. 


To make it worse, the outer ear may develop crusts or scabs and the area may be sensitive to touch.  Hair loss around the ear due to scratching can also signal an infection. 

Sudden Changes in Behavior

If your pet becomes unusually aggressive, and sluggish, it could signal that it needs grooming session. Discomfort caused by tangled fur, overgrown nails, or ear or skin infection can change your furry friend’s behavior. Red flags include increased whining or barking, appetite loss, and sleeplessness. 


For you to keep off problem behaviors and protect your pet’s health as well as happiness, you will have to groom it regularly. Importantly, these shifts in mood could point to many different illnesses. If you need professional assistance, consult The Groomer Pet Salon & Spa. 


Decreased Mobility

Decreased mobility can be an indicator that your pet needs grooming. Overgrown nails can make walking painful, causing pets to avoid movement. Matted fur, particularly around joints, can also restrict motion and lead to discomfort. Not to mention, excess fur between paw pads can cause slipping and difficulty in walking.

Regular grooming, including nail trimming, brushing, and fur trimming helps maintain your pet’s mobility and comfort. We being the best pet salon in Dubai can help you keep your pet in top shape.

Give Your Pet A Makeover Today! 

Lastly, our pet Salon & spa offers comprehensive pet care support, especially for summer. Book grooming appointments online and access expert grooming tips on brushing, bathing and seasonal pet care. We provide product recommendations and veterinary advice on skin care, bug prevention and hydration. So, visit The Groomer Pet Salon & Spa today and give your pet the care they deserve!

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