Paw-fect Mobile Dog Grooming in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Get Your Pooch Pampered For Paw-fection at your Doorstep With Professional Dog Groomers.

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What All Dog Grooming Home Service We Offer?

Regular dog grooming is essential for their wellness and good health. Our mobile dog grooming service provides a reliable and trained team of professional groomers who treat your furry companion with extra care at your doorstep. Being compassionate dog lovers, we understand you love your dog unconditionally and are your family. You aim to provide them with the best pampering to maintain their health and happiness.

With our proficient dog grooming services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, you can provide your furry companion with the best pampering experience. Contact us & schedule an appointment to groom your pets at your doorstep.

Hair Trimming and Styling

Fancy haircuts to keep your pooch looking cute and purr-fect.


Deep cleaning your dog that leaves fur soft, shiny, and smelling comforting.


Nail trimming and filing for those paw-fectly neat feet.

Ear Cleaning

Gentle cleaning that keeps those floppy or perky ears healthy and free of mikes and ticks.

Teeth Brushing

Sparkling dog teeth with gentle brushing.

Eye Cleaning

Careful cleaning around the eyes to prevent infections and keep their vision clear and bright.

Why Choose Our Dog Grooming Home Service?

Our Reviews

Aldana amine
Aldana amine
The best grooming place in abudhabi I take all my dogs there .. amazing staff and clean salon
Khawla M
Khawla M
Highly recommended Should try them
Worst one I’ve ever seen their car braking every week, they don’t follow the schedule, they forget their clients and put some one else on their place. STUPID
shaikha Asad
shaikha Asad
They have a very bad timing schedules to the point they could be late for more than 3h and even if you schedule for another day the same problem happens. they are never on time. i won’t even recommend it to anyone due to that issue!!!! it happens to me every time i schedule an appointment with them, it doesn’t happen once or twice it happens continuously and i am a loyal customer that’ve been with them since years now and they still have these unacceptable timings with customers!!!!!!!
Vania Rontini
Vania Rontini
Very professional and welcoming team, all the best to say for the guys - they are the sole reason this place is special: Glen, Jomar & Aldrin!
neo doc
neo doc
Good service
Widad Orri
Widad Orri
Sadly, i took an appointment 3 days in advance and no one showed up and no one is even answering my messages or calls. This is So Unprofessional and as my first experience i will never deal with them again.
A. AlZaabi
A. AlZaabi
Good prices & grooming, but unfortunately I saw a small scratch on my cat I think it happened while using shaving machine 💔


How do I book a dog grooming appointment with you in Dubai?

To schedule a booking with our grooming professionals, simply give a call at 0504020100. Our professionals will connect with you as soon as paw-ssible.

What dog cleaning services do you offer in Dubai?

We offer a vast range of dog grooming services. These are hair brushing & trimming, careful eye & ear cleaning to prevent infections, and teeth brushing to maintain dog’s natural appearance & health. These services make our groomers purr-fect to provide your pet with the royal treatment.

What is the typical grooming session time for a dog?

The typical duration of a dog grooming session majorly depends on factors such as the breed, size, & specific services requested by the pet owner. However, it typically ranges from a time duration of 1 to 3 hours.

Can your groomers handle dogs with behavioural issues?

Yes, they can as they are well-trained to handle dogs of all breeds & sizes with behavioural issues. They understand the unique grooming needs and make use of techniques for handling different dog breeds. Their vast knowledge and experience ensures a safe and comfortable grooming experience for pet owners & their pets.

What products and tools do you use to groom dogs?

We make use of the best grooming products & tools that are safe according to their grooming needs. Mild shampoos and conditioners, brushes, nail clippers, & trimmers are the basic essentials we use to care for dogs.

What should I bring for safe mobile dog grooming near me?

For safe dog’s grooming experience near you, please bring them on a secure leash or in a comfortable carrier. It’s also useful to bring any favourite treats or toys that might help your dog feel comfortable and more at ease during their grooming session.