Summer Grooming Tips: Keeping Your Pet Cool and Comfortable

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Everyone is affected by the hot and muggy weather, including humans and especially animals. Are they really experiencing greater suffering than we are? Yes, that is the answer! Older animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and more with thick coats, find the rising temperatures especially difficult. Thus, you may quickly increase your pet’s comfort and well-being by using good grooming tips. But, If not, The The Groomer Pet Salon & Spa is here to offer a helping hand with the best pet grooming services. We are a skilled team with years of experience in catering to each pet’s grooming tips, ensuring your pet looks and feels its best.


In this blog, we will talk about the most important summertime grooming advice, best suited to different pet types.

How to Make Your Pet Happy in the Summer?

These are some ideas on how to shield your pet from the intense summer heatwaves.

Regularly Brush Your Pet

A vital component of pet maintenance, especially in the summer, is routine brushing. Frequent brushing minimises the quantity of loose fur that might get on your furniture and produce hairballs. More than controlling shedding, it keeps fur clumps from forming which improves your pet’s comfort. Here’s what you can do for better results:

Choose the Right Brush

Take into account the kind of coat your pet has while picking an animal brush. The best results are obtained with supple brushes for pets with longer hair as bristle brushes work better on short-haired breeds. Make a sound choice based on your pet’s individual needs.


To avoid weaves and padding, you must brush your pet’s long coat once a day. Only once or twice a week brushing is necessary for pets with thinner coats.

Always Give It a Gentle Blow

It’s important to comb your pet gently to prevent hurting or causing pain. This is particularly critical if your pet is at risk for matting or has sensitive skin. Always begin by giving your pet a gentle pat on the coat before using a mild brushing motion to get rid of any loose fur.

Make it A Positive Experience

Offer your pets treats as a reward to make brushing a positive experience. This will help them connect grooming of pet with good things and this will make future sessions easier. 

Bath Regularly During the Summer

In summer, the increased heat and outdoor activities can lead to dirt, sweat and potential skin issues. So, you must bath your pet for its hygiene and comfort. For instance, bathe your dog every 2-4 weeks, depending on their activity level. For cats, bathing is not that frequently needed, they are somewhat self-groomers too. It is advised to use pet-safe shampoos and lukewarm water. Keep in mind to brush before bathing and avoid over-bathing to prevent skin dryness. 

Trim Coat to Keep Your Pet Cool

For pets with long hair, a shorter coat improves air circulation and prevents overheating. Matting and tangling traps heat and moisture, so regular trims help keep them cool and comfortable. 

Also, a trimmed coat minimizes the amount of dirt, debris, and parasites that can get caught in fur. Always use pet-safe clippers and scissors for the trimming process. Remember, do not shave your pet completely as shaving them completely can cause sunburn.

Do Paw Care

Commence walking your pet at cooler times of the day to avoid their paws from heating up on the piping-hot sidewalk. Additionally, you can utilise pet-safe paw balm to keep their paw pads moist. To avoid matting and lessen the chance of paw pads picking up debris, trim the fur in between them. To ensure they remain healthy, often inspect their paws for wounds and blisters. 

Examine and Clean the Ears Regularly

Ear infections are a source of significant distress and pain to pets. You can prevent these infections by checking for redness, swelling, odor, or discharge from your pet’s ear, indicating infection. Simply use your choice of medicated ear-cleaning solution and either cotton balls or pads to clean the external part of the ear. Nothing should ever be pushed too deeply into the ear canal since this could harm the eardrum.

Get in touch with the vet immediately if you see signs of an illness or if your pet appears uncomfortable. 

Keep Your Pet Well-Hydrated

Like humans, during the heatwave pets need to stay hydrated. So, you must ensure to give fresh, clean water to your pet at all times. Change the water regularly, especially on hot days. Other than this, offer hydrating treats like seedless watermelon to supplement their water intake. Plus, when traveling or going on outdoor adventures, remember to pack water and a bowl

Prioritise Skin and Coat Care

Moisturise and soften your pet’s coat with a conditioner made just for them after a bath and that on a regular basis. The warmer conditions also cause a rise in the number of insects and pests, leeching on your pet. Make sure to include effective protective care as part of your pet’s routine healthcare plan and also to follow your veterinarian’s advice. Need not to mention, in order to promote and maintain healthy skin and coat, a pet requires essential nutrients. So, confirm with your veterinarian that your pet is receiving the nutrition it requires.


How Can Our Pet Grooming Services Help?


Lastly, our pet Salon & spa offers comprehensive pet care support, especially for summer. Book grooming appointments online and access expert grooming tips on brushing, bathing and seasonal pet care. We provide product recommendations and veterinary advice on skin care, bug prevention and hydration. So, visit The Groomer Pet Salon & Spa today and give your pet the care they deserve!

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